Creating Timeless Art

As we stop our busy lives for a second to take a breath and look around us at what is happening, it is quite astounding how everybody seems to have a plan, concrete direction, or conviction about what needs to be done (and how it has to be done). This all seems to be (more or less) working from the inside, however, when looking at the bigger picture, we still have no idea about what it means to lead a purposefully directed life as we don't know the real reason why we are here.

Our culture heavily influences our personalities and dictates most parts of our lives while we are moving further away from history and our beginnings. We are now traveling so fast, that all antiquity and previous civilizations seem like a distant dream or a story, that is being retold and altered in a cinematic approach that keeps us entertained for an hour or two. Even so, we still feel connected to the symbols and mythology of our ancestors while longing for a meaningful and fulfilling life. Like a collective memory that we can all access and apply to our own situation, those stories and their essence are present and relevant until today.

For me, art can be a way to reconnect with our human experience as we often stumble upon the archetypical forms and symbols which seem to be reproduced again and again throughout different times in human existence.